0.96" LCD video player please

Hi Community,

I hope you are doing ok with the lock down.
I need help with a little project.
I just started a course in Arduino I’m a complete newbie.

I build plastic kits e.g. robots, aircraft, etc.

I’d like to install a 0.96" lcd screen (or a screen no bigger than 35mm wide 40mm height) to play videos.
The link below is what I want to achieve.


I found some resources on youtube but are not very clear to me.


Do you offer some type of tutoring or anyone that can help me with this project? I would pay for it if needed.

Thank you.

Hey Claudio,

Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like an awesome project!!
Unfortunately Core doesnt have any 1-on-1 services available but the forum is an excellent place to get tips(for free :smiley: ), plus learning is the fun part!

For something like this I would go with an SPI display hooked up to a Raspberry Pi SBC(Probably any one of the Zeros) or an ESP32.

The page that the screen is on has some details on how to code and a quick pin layout.

Let us know if there is anything else we could help with!