Display LCD Screen

Hello All
I am new to this forum,
I am looking for a solution to have a LCD screen to display video or images.
Screen size from 300mm x 100mm
The screen will need to be remotely accessed for file uploads.
The display is in a refrigerator front window and install internally, so it will need to manage chill temperatures and moister.

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As far as I can understand, that is no ready-made LCD screen that can solve your purpose. To access any screen remotely, you have to interface that with a Raspberry pi or an ESP32/ESP8266. Let’s see what others suggest.

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Welcome Mike :slight_smile:

As @tepalia02203352 mentioned there might not be an out-of-the-box solution, but you could certainly build one!

I’d start by looking for a screen that suits you size requirements (taking note of what can drive it, HDMI will require a single board computer(SBC), whereas some others can be driven with a microcontroller such as an ESP32).

Uploading to the screen could be handled in a few ways, I’d check out using a NAS to store the files and the screen controller collects from there (check out Samba if you are using a Pi).

The operating temperature is an interesting one, you’ll need to manage dew around the components, most electronics (Not screens though!) are fine in the negatives), check out @AndrewBG 's dew project for some insights :slight_smile: Arduino powered automated Dew Heater for photography


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