12 poe injection for POE camera

I was looking for 12v POE injection for an IP camera supplied by a battery. I have solved my issue as i was looking at the wrong part of the data sheet I can buy a 12-48poe as long as it is 802.3af complaint i can achieve what i want.

Hi Cameron,

Your question made it into our live stream, though I didn’t have an on-the-spot answer at the time

As promised, I did a dive and while we have a range of PoE Splitter, we don’t have something that works “the other way around” as I suspect you are after. The closest we get is this, however, it’s not PoE as you would know it to be. It’s more of a “single ethernet cable” approach to get both network and power to another location, without any of the 802.3af wizardries.