Power over Ethernet - 48-24v converters

Hi guys,

I’m working on a project that is automation for irrigation in a nursery.
They have no 240v at the points where I need to place solenoids and a raspberry pi.
I’m thinking of just using power over Ethernet and tapping the 24v (solenoids) and 5v (pi and relays) off that.
If possible I’d like to run a 12v tap as well for led lights if the cat 6 cable can take the current.

Is there a 48v to 24v converter?

Any ideas are welcome.

Hi Warrick,

I’m concerned about how much power you can pull off PoE. I think you can only expect to pull about 1A out of a typical PoE. Here is a link to an extractor:

You will need to use a PoE specific device because most regulators won’t handle the 48V input.

Hi Stephen, thanks for that. I’m aware of these splitters and the 5v version too. I was more wondering about the 24v conversion for the solenoids.