150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A (Step-up only) (018-DCDC-BOOST-150W)

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This DC-DC Boost Converter is well into the heavy duty end of the spectrum @ 150W; as you can tell by the huge toroidal inductor and dual heatsinks.

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I’ve taken some measurements of this board for a customer. Please see below:

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If you were wondering what the main components are, here’s your answer:

And 2x 1000µF 35V Caps

STPS2045CTCFCGCFPCR.pdf (136.0 KB)
HY1707-min.pdf (314.5 KB)
uc3843a.pdf (2.6 MB)

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nicely done very informative if the need arises for the service man to repair…id say that Wagner or alike would stock most of the semis there,, p.s could you do the same for the 30 volt step down unit a detail.. id really love to get my hands on the board schems would make life so much simpler…

also i often get asked the onboard 2 color led …the explanation of this is not really certain or even clear i have read many posts that all have a differ opinion if somebody could finally clear the changing color issue…

the 78L10 can deliver up to 100mA


Hi Brian.
I have used bi-colour LEDs previously. Connect power one way for Green and reverse for Red. Current limiting resistor (one) still required.
This particular one I am sure actually had 2 LEDs in the one container and look just any other LED (ie; one long leg and one short one. I think I still have a few somewhere in my junk. This device probably had blocking diodes built in as well. Most LEDs don’t like much in the way of reverse voltage, can’t be certain of this though.
This type of thing I think used on devices which use a LED to indicate charge finish.
Could also be used on simple decorative light strings. Change colour just reverse supply.
Cheers Bob


this post if not about the regulator above …but i found this seemed to fit …it`s for those step down 32-40 volt input type but have two pots on them…

i have readthis that and the other about these generic type buck/boost type regs from china… on many sites… i looked into them quite deeply…however by the way that the change in the bi color leds are the change in regulation style .so said in some posts …
also the fact that you have reached your current limit…if this is so is the current still well regulated once the
led changes color… i set up a basic load and de-soldered the two trim pots and put lin 16mm pots just for testing purpose,. i found that the current ripple never really changed by means of having a cro hooked to the diag unit… the voltage seemed to change though dropping out etc… i came to no real conclusion so i changed the 10k for a 50k on the current pot… seemed i could get the full 8-10 amps out of the units and still reaming stable voltage, i had it set for 12volts out… i had a 20 amp 30 volt supply hooked to it…the regs remand quite cool to temped in fact under quite heavy loads, i used 2x 16 ohm 100watt carbon resistors in metal housing bolted to a very large heat sink about a foot long by 6 inch wide it got quite hot… i found that the current was being proportional as well think at maxed at 15 amps at 20 volts approx…was a while ago when i did all this …

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I used this unit to power a Sony W830K TV from 12V, and designed a 3D printed case for it.

DCDC housing v4

Full details and files are here.

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