Switching frequency of 150 watt DC to DC boost converter

Hey everyone,

I’m looking at this: 150W DC-DC Boost Converter 10-32V to 12-35V 6A (Step-up only) | 018-DCDC-BOOST-150W | Core Electronics Australia

Does anyone have one? Do you know roughly what the ripple frequency is? I’ve already emailed support but they say they don’t have a figure.

Hi James
I don’t have one but it should not be that hard to measure.
Cheers Bob

Hi James,

As I mentioned via email since that boost converter is a closed-source design from a Chinese manufacturer they tend to only provide the most essential specifications. As Bob has mentioned it shouldn’t be too hard to measure from the device itself and given the secretive nature of a closed source design an empirical measurement of your device may be more reliable than provided specs anyway, just in-case there is a board revision in the future and the initial specs no longer reflect the hardware they used in later boards.

Fortunately the manufacturer hasn’t gone to the trouble of gluing over, or grinding off the part numbers so I can read the numbers on the regulator chip itself. For anyone curious the chip itself reads:

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Understood, just asking if anyone who already owns one has any insight