16GB MicroSD card with NOOBS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (CE00279)

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This 16GB MicroSD Card is preloaded with the Official Raspberry Pi New Out of Box Software (NOOBS). For beginners and first time users, this is the easiest way to get started with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

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When installing my Raspberry Pi 3, the Raspbian OS was preinstalled and ready to load up. This saved me time installing and setting up. Another handy feature is using the Recovery section if reinstalling is required.


Thanks for the post here David! Its good to know that the NOOBs card helped you out with your Pi setup! Good luck with your projects!

It saved me some time too. Noobs is a fine distribution to build things on and plug and play is always appreciated so that I can get on with the job!


Good to hear Robert, NOOBS definitely makes it easy to get started.

I bought a 16GB SD Card for raspberry pi, but I only received a card without adapter

Hey @Yizhe93915 ,

Thanks for your post. The uSD card is no longer sold with the adaptor.

I hope this helps