Our 32GB NOOBS Cards & Pi 4 8GB Models

Hi All,

We’ve discovered some of our existing 32GB NOOBS cards had NOOBS v3.3 which is not compatible with the latest Pi 4 8GB (only, all other Pis are unaffected).

We’ve reflashed our stock of existing 32GB NOOBS cards to the latest version so you won’t have an issue if you’ve bought one after today (06/07/2020). Please note our stock of 16GB cards do have v3.4 and are fully compatible with the Pi 4 8GB.

If you have already purchased a 32GB NOOBS card and a Pi 4 8GB from us, not to worry! We’ve got a full guide on how to upgrade it for free here.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation have created their own imager since we wrote this guide, so you can use that if you prefer for an even simpler method.

Please let us know if you have any issues - we’re here to help :slight_smile:

Support | Core Electronics