2.4" TFT Featherwing: Is there a reset pin accessible for UTFT?


I’m glad I found the forums here - it seems pretty cosy and I hope you guys will be able to assist me with my projects.

I have a Adafruit 2.4" TFT Featherwing that I use with my now deceased Huzzah 8266 feather board (which kicked the bucket due to me connecting a battery with the wrong polarity on the LiPo connector) and soon-to-be Huzzah ESP32 board.

I was wondering if someone with better electronics skills than mine can tell what GPIO pin the TFT_RESET pin, seen in the schematic on the Adafruit website for the said featherwing (or linked here for your convience) is located on. The Featherwing pinout documentation page is not very helpful.

The reason I ask is because I haven’t been able to get answers through the Adafruit forums and Discord venues and I’m planning to use the ESP port of UTFT, which is a “Universal TFT Library” located here. It has a constructor that wants to know the RST pin. I could, you know, use Adafruit’s GFX library, but it is slow to do certain things.

I hope you can solve my issue, and I know I’ll be very thankful for your assistance! :smiley:

Had a contact confirm that there’s no TFT_RESET pin visible, it only goes to IC5 and that’s it. I would have to do a hardware modification to expose that pin.

This can be closed at any time. Thanks.

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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reporting back - I’m sure others would be interested by this in the future.