2812B Display Board Text Scrolling

Hello, I have 3 of 16x16 Led boards these have only three connections power + - and Data. I currently use an old controller programmed with LED Edit 2014. This is slow and works ok but i want to use one of my Raspberry Pis’ to control it wirelessly. I have seen many videos but these are for the ones using a matrices type of controller. I have 2 x Pis 4b+ and also a couple of Arduino devices but i don’t think the latter can control 768 leds.
I really wanted to use a mobile phone or a laptop to write a message and send to the pi. Any ideas or links?

Hi Patrick,

seems like a cool project. In terms of getting a wireless setup going, it looks like you would have to code your own. I would recommend just a basic script in python that is on the pi, then SSHing into it.