Help assembling 4 x 64x64 LED matrix display

Hey all,

Looking to buy 4 x 64x64 LED matrix displays to make a 128 x 128 LED screen – with the ultimate goal of being able to display direct video output direct from a macbook or rasberry pi. The following video is basically the set up we would like to achieve -

Problem is I’m new at this! Wondering what additional components and recommended software we would need in order to achieve this? Any advice hugely appreciated.


Hi Dolph,

If you are looking to do what is in the video, you can find the entire tutorial on how to do it here:

In the tutorial they list all the parts, software, and steps to do this project yourself! I would recommend getting a Raspberry Pi 3B+ though. This tutorial was made before it was released, and the faster board will be much better for this project! We carry all the parts listed in the project on our site!

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!