Best SBC For Use With WS2812B LED

Hello, I’m new to the forum and would appreciate some feedback/recommendations regarding the various Single Board Computers available for use with the WS2812B LED. I understand any version of the Rapberry Pi will work, as will the Arduino, the Photon and Pycom. Are there any others? I’m redesigning my MAME arcade control panel in a Star Trek LCARS theme and would like to add some LEDs to further animate the control panel. I currently have three raspberry pies running Star Trek LCARS animations on a video loop, thanks Tim for the great tutorial on how to do this.

Attached is a link to a short video to provide some context and clarity.

Thank you,

MAME Arcade Control Panel - LCARS Theme

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Hi Kent,

Welcome to the forum!!

I’ve had great success with the Raspberry Pi PIco:

There are lots of libraries for both Pythonic langauges (micropython and circuitpython) and Arduino.

Looks awesome!

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Thanks Liam, I appreciate the suggestion and the feedback. :slight_smile: