Project by Zonared; Robot Arm Upgrade Project

I’ve just shared a new project the “Robot Arm Upgrade Project”

This project has been a long and tricky one for me, I purchased my robot arm kit from Jaycar many years ago with the intention of controlling it from the start.
I used to work with industrial robots, so when I saw this robot kit for sale I immediately thought how can I allow it to move in full cartesian coordinates since I can’t afford a full-size industrial robot.  So that’s the reason for this project.
I have gained stacks of experience and knowledge in a number of areas. Namely ROS, this operating system is amazing, I’ve barely scratched the surface with what it can do. This project has allowed me to learn a range of different facets of this operating system. Another thing I’ve gained experience in is Particle Photon microprocessors, I’ve used them before on other projects, so it was an obvious choice for this one, also the Blynk app, which is great for quick control via phone or remote monitoring.

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Hi Zonared,

Awesome mechatronic project, inverse kinematics is some pretty fun stuff :grin:


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