Name this connector. Please!

Hi everybody,

I am hoping someone can identify this plug for me.

A JST doesn’t fit correctly. I can get it in there and the pins pretty much line up but it’s not right. It will fall out with any movement. This mystery plug seems to be a touch taller.

It is the battery connector from a German made Storz and Bickel crafty vaporiser. It connects an 18650 battery. 8A max current.


Hi Kris,

Which version of JST did you try? They actually have a range of different pitches, keying patterns, and dimensions. It is difficult to tell without scale but it looks like a JST-PH.

If you can get the measurement from the pin-to-pin inside the connector using some calipers (i.e. pitch) and the width and height of the opening to the connection we’ll see whether we can help identify it for you.