Small two pin connector

I’m looking for a small two pin connector to use for 12v DC connection to a small device.
What I want is a panel mount socket (male) and a lead based plug (female).
Specifically the size is important, but equally so polarity protection as well as a mechanical lock, ie screw fitting.

This is for 12v power connection to a camera dolly that will be moving and potentially snagging on external things like grass or small sticks, and as such, I’d rather that it snags and catches on the thing rather than pull the power out.

To date I have used barrel jacks and they have been fine, but I do want a different form factor as it stops someone plugging it into the wrong hole. I was wanting the power input to be a unique, to the device, connector.

At this point I want the connector to plug into the box, not an inline cable with plug and socket, but I might be able to be swayed on that.

Does anyone have any good ideas as to options?


Hi Andrew.
Core have a 6 pin plug and socket combo (plug panel mount, socket cable mount)) which I have used and seems quite robust.
SKU: PRT-11475.
It could be a bit large for your application but they may have smaller of the same style.
Cheers Bob


Hi Andrew,

Core has a nice guide on identifying connectors that might help if you know your current requirements:

I’d have a look at molex microfit personally, they come in all number of contacts, and have a latch to keep it plugged in. I use them on the toolhead of my 3D printer, and it throws itself around thousands of times with no connection troubles



Great, thanks Bob, I’ll take a look.


FYI to close the loop, I ended up going with these ones:

They are pretty solid and have some form of water resistance and are close to the size that I was after.
Certainly cant complain about the price.