3-core sensor cable?

I often need a thin flexible 3-core cable to connect up sensors and have not been able to find any. Something like the cables used for the DS18B20 sensors - about 4mm outside diameter and preferably screened. Is Core Electronics able to recommend something or source some? What do others do when you want 2-3m of cable for a sensor?

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Hi Steven,

I think the closest we have is something like this:

Silicone covered cables generally have a high strand count and flexible insulation, so they are very flexible in my experience, but I get that you’re after something more integrated.

For that, a more industrial supplier might be the go, parametric search really helps to narrow down what you’re after:

You may also want to try Mouser, Element14



Hi Steven, James
I have not looked at Element 14 but I would guess they would have something.
Jaycar Cat No WB1540, 4 core screened.Bit expensive but the only one they have that might do you.
Tip: DO NOT use the screen as a power or other connection. The screen should be used to minimise external interference and should be connected to ground or a common point AT ONE END ONLY.
Cheers Bob


Thanks for the feedback. Element14 do have something but 25m and delivery make it uneconomical… Another option is to buy some cheap USB cables and use them. I think they are 4-core, shielded.

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Hi Steven

Some are only 2 core (charge only) and I wouldn’t guarantee the shielding presence.
Cheers Bob