3401 Series Set Screw Round Belt Pulley (6mm Bore, 16mm PD) (GB-3401-0006-0016)

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A 16mm PD 3401 Series Set Screw Round Belt Pulley (6mm Bore)

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Hi, I am looking for a pulley to fit my 12v motor. I need 6mm bore, 60mm diameter and fit atleast 6mm wide belt. Also need a 12mm bore pulley, 30mm diameter and 6mm belt.
Any ideas where I could get them asap.

Hi Ian
What style of belt.
From your description one would assume a plain flat belt.
What sort of material?
Cheers Bob

What type of belt: flat, round, V, toothed?

You might find it difficult to get a 60mm diameter pulley with a 6mm bore - the minimum bore size for pulleys of that diameter is usually 8mm. The bore needs to be large enough to cope with the torque that could be applied at the rim, so it increases with diameter. An exception is a T5-40Teeth which is 62.5mm in diameter and available in bore sizes of 6-25mm (see, for example https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/354931839905

There is a v-belt pulley for 6mm belt here: V Grooved Pulley For 6mm Width Belt but I would not assume that just because you can select a 6mm bore from the options that it actually exists - check first.


Hi Robert 93820, I am building a rock tumbler which could have a 5kg weight in the canister. My 12v motor is geared to 60 rpm but I need to double that speed and then control the speed with a dc pwm controller. A flat or round belt is probably the best. I’m finding the pulleys are either too big diameter for a 6mm bore or too small diameter for a 12mm bore, but I need to up the speed.
Thank you all for your input.

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Hi Jeff,

Good point about the torque applied to the bore being a limiting factor for a minimum bore side. It looks like 16PD is the largest goBILDA make for a 6mm bore so it doesn’t look like we stock anything suitable.

@Ian253739 Is changing the gearing of the motor an option or is the gearing you referred to achieved using your pulley system?

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Hi Trent,

The 12v motor has the gearing down to 60 rpm. I’m trying to gear up through the pulleys but if I can’t do that I will have to enlarge the canister rollers diameter to spin the canister faster which will require a redesign. Redesigning isn’t the worst but time consuming to start again.

Hi Ian,

Fair enough, just wanted to see if gearing the motor down to a different RPM might be another pathway which avoided a redesign of the rest of the structure.


I think Ian wants to gear up

That is increase RPM.
I do agree that it would save a lot of design work just to replace the gear box with one of the correct ratio or add another 1:2 gear box. This would not be absolute critical as Ian apparently intends to control the speed with a PWM controller.

Cheers Bob