3D Printable Mechanical Tenctacles

So for some reason, around this time of year, we start to see all kinds of weird and wonderful creations published on the internet and something that recently caught my eye is this two-stage tentacle which is controlled via two joystick-like control arms. Joshua Vasquez created this masterpiece on Hackaday using a combination of 3D printed/laser cut parts and easily available components found online. How easy it is to actually control I have no idea, but colour me impressed at the CAD design and mechanical motion of this project. The entire project and build can be found here.

Two-stage tentacle gif

Something that makes this even more awesome is the fact that Joshua created some incredibly well-documented instructions with detailed images and animations, as well as uploading the various files and CAD files that he created for this project. So if you have a 3D printer, you can make most of these parts yourself, or a local CNC shop can easily manufacture them for you. It’s the perfect weird gift to someone to freak them out just a little bit. Imagine attaching a laser pointer or camera to the end of it to make an ultimate robot tentacle!

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Let’s build one @Sam

Yeah it’s pretty cool hey, I’d love to hook the X and Y up to servos