3D printer enclosure features

Hi All,

I’m trying to make a 3D printer that’s as cheap and as upgradeable as possible.

It will primarily be designed for the Ender 3 Pro (fits with the 2020 Al extrusion).

The upgrades that I have in mind will be:

  • Octoprint with a camera mount
  • An LED strip to get those perfect time lapses
  • An exhaust and mixing fan to minimise temperature gradients inside the enclosure

If you have any other suggestions for features please reply and I’ll try to include them!


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Hi Liam,

You’ll want to check the safety rating (and legality in Australia :sweat_smile:) but have you seen this yet? As always, if anyone from the community has suggestions please feel free to share them too!


Hey Bryce and Liam,

Looks awesome! I came across a clamp on laser this morning actually, looks quite similar.
I’d be keen to see how you go Liam, were you going to move the LCD and microSD card out of the enclosure? that might make everything a bit faster and easier to use.

If you do a comprehensive write-up and include all of your files Core might be able to feature it on their website!