Ender 3 Mods

Hey fellow Creality printer users,

It’s worth noting how much of an improvement some simple modifications of the Creality printers can make to your prints, as well as to the quality and lifetime of your machine. There’s an extensive list of mods on Creality’s site below that’d be worth a look at, plus a huge number of prints on Thingiverse designed to improve the functionality of your printer that’s worth a look.

Please let us know if you’ve made mods to your printer, and how they’ve improved your experience with it so the community can further expand and improve on the performance of their printer!

Have a great day everyone, and stay safe!

Core Electronics | Support


Neat list of mods. Always great to see a 3D printer being used to print it’s own parts!

My son and I bought a couple of the Ender 3 Pros a few years ago. I heavily modified mine with dual Z drive, direct drive, new hot end, roller bearing spool holder, and all the neato blingy stuff like cable covers, tool drawers, oversized bed adjustment knobs, etc. About the only thing I didn’t add is the bed leveling sensor. Now the Ender 3 S is almost the same machine as mine at 3 times the price.

BTW, aside from doing much better with TPU, my son says he doesn’t see much difference between them. He has both of them and these other printers at his place as I don’t have room anymore. He’s much better at 3D printing than I am anyway.