3D Printer Purchase


This is my first post, came across this forum when searching to buy a 3D Printer for the company am working. Am new to 3D printing and looking to start with the basic. We have some requirements to 3D print small prototype components with materials PLA and Nylon to check the fit and functionality. We require a minimum build volume of 200x200x200 mm. With the range of printers available in market am much confused in choosing the right one. We need to print the samples as a solid structure and looking for good accuracy and speed. Can you give some guidance in choosing one for us like the latest in market and good features. The budget for printer we have in mind is around $3000 AUD. We have the 3D models created in solidworks.


Hey Santheep,

In terms of print size, price and all round quality, I’d definitely recommend the Ultimaker 2+

Clever print head design on the Ultimaker 2+ allows the print head nozzle to be swapped easily and fast, the user can choose the preferred nozzle to achieve either highly detailed or extremely fast prints.

Some of our other printers have a higher standard but they jump to the $5000-6000 range, that being said they are still worth every penny!