Computer advice needed

Hello all,
Don’t know if I’m in the right place, happy to be redirected.

I’m looking to get a 3D printer, probably a Creality Cr10s.
Also want to get into Fusion 360 and build a CNC plasma cutter.
I am unsure what computer is needed.
Would this one be ok?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.


Hey @Garry265004 - this machine would be super-good-enough for light-duty 3d modeling. As always, more is… well… more. But this looks like a cost-effective starter. You won’t want to do complex assemblies on such a machine, but it’ll do for simple parts and assemblies with low parts counts.


Thanks Michael, just what I needed to hear.


Hi Garry
That machine looks OK, especially for the price. the only thing is the size of the SSD. As you accumulate your files and more software you might find yourself running out of storage space. I am not sure these days with the latest version of Windows but it used to require a chunk of hard drive to run so you were never able to go anywhere near to filling it up.
Not a big deal though as you can always fit another SSD or use an external SSD for file storage and keep the original for windows, software and work in progress. Just store on another drive for archival use.
Cheers Bob

Thanks Bob,
It’s just for making bits for my hobby - restoring cars.
I doubt I’ll ever fill it up, but you never know.