Logging I2C module

Is there a small memory module that can be used to store sensor readings for later reading and analyzing? I want to send barometric pressure sensor really high but can’t have Raspberry pi attached to it. I can only fit sensor module and maybe one more of the same size.

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Unfortunately you’ll need something in the middle to do some interpretation and then deliver those readings to be stored.

I’d have a look at using an FRAM module: https://core-electronics.com.au/search/?q=fram
And a TinyPico to handle the logic: https://core-electronics.com.au/tinypico-47708.html

PS: I remember seeing something on BPS.space where Joe discusses datalogging.

Hey Jasmin,

Another worthy contender would be the OpenLog Artemis:

It has Qwiic ports for easy connection to a large range of sensors (too many to list here, check the product description) as well as low power operation and a battery slot.

Keen to see where you go on this one!

Oh thanks James. You are pushing me in my wanted direction. While the suggested device has great capabilities the price is not going my way, as my future project that would include device like this, is targeted for the kids of max 13 to 15 years of age.
But like I said, it has pushed me in the way of finding other options and what I’ve come across is

What is the difference between these two other than price obviously and the fact Artemis is pretty much plug and play?
Thank you so much for your time and help. I really appreciate it

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We specialize in maker brands that are likely to lead to better on-bench experiences and less fuss.

Like this Sparkfun OpenLog device. It has better documentation and a better track record of reliability over other choices. If that saves an hour of messing around then it immediately negates a couple of dollars for most people.

That and by supporting the original creators of great ideas, you are supporting their future innovations that’ll likely end up on your workbench someday.

OpenLog Artemis has way more features (product pages speak for themselves!) and can handle logging of speeds up to 500000bps.


I understand. Thank you for your time once again.

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