Motorcycle Data Logging

Hi there, new to the forum.
I race motorcycles, and installed a while back a data-logging system on the bike using Aim Evo4S datalogger box, front/rear brake pressure sensors, wheel speed sensor, tyre temperature sensor.

The remaining piece of this project is adding potentiometer to the front/rear suspension to measure travel (300mm). I have looked at linear potentiometers, and may endup with one, but i was investigating another way to measure accurately travel. I was pointed to an optical tof range sensor like SEN0309, but looking closely the range is not acceptable as it needs to be precise to the mm, and the repeatability needs to be high.

My device uses an analog channel 0-5v 12bit to read the potentiometer data, but before spending big $$ i’d like to make sure i get the right sensor for the job, ideally starting with a poc with a cheap controller, then upgrade. What would you recommend ? thank you