4.3inch DSI Display, (800 × 480 pixels, IPS) (WS-24159)

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4.3inch DSI Display, 800 × 480, IPS, Thin and Light Design, Touch function Optional…

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Hi, Just wondering if this WS-24159 screen included the touch functionality, since the model is offered with and without it, but it isn’t listed on this product page?

Hi Declan,

Oops! Looks like that product listing got mixed up with the other variant, so let’s set the record straight for the moment:
We have the non-touch variant on the shelf at the moment, but we will likely switch to the more useful touch variant later on (watch this space)

We’ve put it at the top of our list to get the page updated or the product we get switched over, but for now there’s a discrepancy.

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