Display Request

I would like a 480×270 non touch OLED display
170ppi (pixels per inch)
3.2395693678 inches
3.2228203135 inches
3.2584538105 inches

24 bit colour (or higher)
And as high a refresh rate as possible (preferably customisable) (preferably 120Hz (preferably adaptive) but 60Hz is fine)

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Hi Albert,

Thanks for posting on the forum. Those are some fairly specific values for the dimensions of OLED, once you go down below 2.d.p in inches we’re talking about fractions of a millimeter (specifically 0.01" = 0.254mm exactly) the values beyond that start to become significantly smaller than any reasonable manufacturing tolerance could claim.

I’m quite sure that we don’t carry any 480x270 non-touch OLED displays ourselves, but I’ve linked our category for it below in case you’d like to take a look, if you have any other questions please let us know:


Sorry: I meant approximately those values in inches
What about 3.2 inch?
If OLED can’t take it then can IPS?

Hey Albert,

Core Electronics don’t stock the particular display you’re after unfortunately from what I could find. We’ve got a 3.2" Touchscreen LCD with 240x320 pixels, but no OLED 480×270 non-touch versions. I’d suggest taking a look at Mouser for it.

I don’t know whether they’ve got anything matching those exact specs, but this criterion search should help you:

All the best with your project!



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