Waveshare 4.3inch LCD IPS 800x480 (CE06728)

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“Waveshare 4.3inch LCD IPS 800x480”

At 4.3inches this LCD screen is a perfect multiplatform, portable display with capacitive touch

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What is the purpose of the usb connection? It seems to link to the Pi but I can’t see how or why? Can you link me to any details?

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Hi Greg,

That display needs two connections to the Pi to work:

  • The HDMI connection provides the video information.
  • The USB connection provides power and the capacitive touch interface data.

There are more details on the product wiki page from the manufacturer.


Many thanks, that clears it up :+1:

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Would there be any issues with using this display with a normal computer just as a small monitor?

Hah! If you want to use a GUI, that might be challenging… The description says you can cram a virtual 1920x1080 into the 800x480 via software; it would be interesting to see how usable that is. But also according to the description, it’s plug and play, with native five touch support in Windows.