2 Channel Solid State Relay Module (DC Control, AC Load) (CE05347)

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This breakout module gives you access to a 2 channel solid state relay that can be switched with 3-5VDC 

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I am after pcb mount solid state relay in 12vdc out 240 vac 3 amps


Hi Bhaljamin,

Industrial suppliers like Element14, RS Components, or Digi-Key are likely much better sources for this kind of thing:

While some of our parts are rated for LV use, we recommend that those decisions are made by qualified technicians that are licensed to work with mains power. That goes for the work itself, it is a legal requirement anyhow.

To wrap-up: Mains power isn’t just lethal. It’s lethal.

Stay safe & keep to low voltage projects. Or employ a contractor to help.



There are lots of them around. I think mostly 3 to 30VDC input to switch AC loads. Most must be AC loads as they are zero crossing switches and DC never gets to zero so they don’t switch.

Most of the solid state units I found on Core site seem to be logic based. The one above is active logic low which suggests to me that it is opto isolated. probably not exactly what you want. You may have to look further afield, Google “solid state relay” and you will probably get a million or so hits.
Cheers Bob