4-digit 8-segment Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico (CE07914)

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SPI-compatible with standard Raspberry Pi Pico headers and comes with development resources and manual (raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ and MicroPython examples)

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Can this display run on 3v3? And can I get it without the socket strips?

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Hi Rob,

While the display seems to need 5V power, the logic level will be 3.3V to work with the Pico.

Are you looking to use it with a Pico?


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No I want it as a debugging device on my own 3v3 design. I have a bit-banging SPI output that works at high speed to display a value with little intrusion on the running code.

I think it’s just two 74HC595 shift regs that should work fine at 3v3, so all I can see being a problem is the current-limiting resistor values if indeed they are set assuming a 5v VCC.

I can just make my own PCB but at $6.50 I suppose it’s worth a try.