4007 Series Hyper Coupler (6mm D-Bore to 8mm REX Bore) (GB-4007-1006-4008)

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This 6mm D-Bore to 8mm REX bore Hyper Coupler is a strong, compact, balanced way to couple two shafts together. Maybe you have motors with…

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Hi, I had a question regarding lead times on GoBilda products listed on your site.

The GoBilda products I’m interested in purchasing have a lead time of around 2 weeks between the order and dispatch date. Is this estimate of the lead time accurate or can I expect a longer lead time?

I just wanted to enquire as the parts are needed to build a competition robot and we have a fairly strict deadline so getting a sense of the expected lead time will help with planning.


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Hi Zain,

I believe I spoke to you on our online chat earlier, welcome to the forum!

To reiterate to anyone else watching at home, our lead times are calculated based on past shipments from a particular supplier, so they are as accurate as we can get them barring any outages or delays on the way to us.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: