41 pin DF9 TTL LCD


I have an old LCD with a 41 pin DF9 connector on the back. I’ve checked the datasheet that the LCD has a TTL input. Just wondering how to drive this LCD with an SBC (Raspberry pi maybe). I have searched for an interfacing board such as HDMI or VGA but look like they’re not compatible with this LCD panel. Including TFP401 but look like need a cable adapter from 40 pin flex to DF9. Thanks!


Hi Harri
Both Element 14 and RS components stock DF9 connectors. Search “DF9”. Seem to be manufactured by Hirose.
Cheers Bob


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the advise. I found in ebay an interconnect from 40 pin FFC to header type.

and yes I’ll get the Hirose DF9 connector and have atry on this configuration. Cheers!