4-pin connector for LCD display

Hi! I have an LCD display but need the cable to connect it to my Arduino board or breadboard. What is this connector called?


Hi Steven,

That’s just a right angled header. They’ve usually got a pin spacing of 0.1" (2.54mm) Centre-Centre. If you measure across all 4 you should get a distance of about 7.62mm (ie. 3 x 0.1").

You could either use 4x jumper cables (which would be the most practical for an Arduino as the GND and VCC Pins on an Uno are a fair way from the SDA and SDL Pins (Electronically that’s an I2C aka TWI interface).

You could use something like this:

Or just use 4x standard Male-Female Jumpers:


Great, thanks! I only have male-male jumper wires at present.