64x64 RGB LED Matrix

The panel (pitch 3mm) I bought didn’t include mounting hardware (as per website). A panel (with pitch of 2.5mm) and the same price did include mounting hardware. Is the mounting hardware available as a separate item. (curious why panels of the same price don’t include the same parts). Thank you.

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Hi mslorach,

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Which products exactly are you referring to? It might be available, or it might just require basic fasteners available from a range of places.

The short explanation is that they are different products (although similar), and likely from different suppliers/manufacturers. We supply products from over 80 different Maker hardware manufacturers - see the full list on our home page - and each of them has their own style and ways of doing things.



Welcome to the forum! Yes, as Oliver said, if you can please send through the SKU or a link via the forum to the panel that you’re referring to we’ll see what we can do to help! Also, what diameter are the connections that you’ll be using to mount the panel?

I suspect it’d be M3 but it’ll depend on the manufacturer as to which standard they use and how they’re aligned on the back of the panel.

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Hi Bryce,
The code is SKU: ADA4732.
I’m using a Teensy3V4 shield (via IDC) to the panel and using supplied connector for 5V.
Also not sure what you mean by ‘what diameter are the connections’.



Hi Bryce (again),

You are spot on when you suspected the are M3. I have some M3 bolts which I used to check the size.
I’ll use the ones I have.
I really appreciate your help/reply.

Kind Regards, Mark.