Power connector - DFR0460 - 64x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel (4mm pitch)


I bought a “DFR0460 - 64x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel (4mm pitch)” recently and am trying to identify the power socket/plug that it uses. I’d like to procure some plugs and crimp up a new cable to replace the rather awkward one that comes with it, but there’s no mention of it in any of the matrix panel specifications I can find.

Can you confirm if it’s a JST VH 4-way connector (3.96mm pin pitch)?

Thanks and kind regards.

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Hi Anthony,

Looks like you’ve already found it, but we do have a guide on IDing JST connectors, all you’ll need to do is stick some calipers (or even just a ruler) on the pins to get the pitch:

I measured one from stock, and came back with about 3.9mm pitch, so I’d say that’d be it


EDIT: Looked very similar to the product images, so I’d say it’s VH as you said: