6v geared motor re Torque and RPM

I am building a robot 7kg in weight to be driven on flat surfaces
supported by two 40mm Diameter central wheels, castor wheels front and back.
By my calculations a 6v Geared Motor producing 20 kg.cm Torque and 50 plus RPM at the output shaft, should do the job, if so which motor should i choose?
Also will require 2 channel electronic speed controller to assist in driving the Robot.
Using a Spektrum DX6i as the transmitter, will need a receiver compatible to the transmitter.


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Hi Robert,

I’d take a look at this motor: 172:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx56L mm HP | POLOLU-1577 | Core Electronics Australia
At no load it’s able to output 57RPM @420 mA and stalled it’s pushing 27 kg⋅cm @ 6.0 A

The type of reciever you pickup will dictate the driver/controller you are able to use, we stock this motor controller which takes a PPM signal (not to be mistaken for PWM). If you have queries regarding compatability feel free to reply :smiley:

In regards to the receiver, I’d check out PhaserFPV(really good for RC parts)!


Thankyou Liam

Will keep in touch, Robert

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Hi Liam

Suggestion please.

To increase the RPM to say 70 -100 which inevitably will decrease the Torque.