How much torque does a geared motor need?


I am currently doing VCE systems engineering and I my project will use motors to drive the chassis of a 6WD robot. How much torque (in kgcm) would drive a robot that is about 60cm in length and maybe 40cm tall? Mainly what I am asking is for anyone who has built a similarly sized project in the past what was the torque rating of your motors.


Hi Joe,

Excellent question, it entirely depends on the weight of the robot, the dimensions of the wheels, the friction that exists between the other wheels on the chassis, and the moment of inertia that gets generated as the robot accelerates (although the last point is usually negligible). Personally, I’d start with extra-powerful motors and then work it back, it’s hard to tell what you’ll need from your description, but I’d start by looking at what other similar robots use and then aiming for that ball-park.

If you have any other questions please let us know.