72W DC-DC Converter 12V 6A (FIT0145)

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This is a waterproof DC-DC converter. With 8-40V DC input, it converts to 12V 6A which is an ideal supply for embedded PC and robot power.

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Hello, i am wanting to find a product that i can charger a second battery from my 12volt 10A cig socket. I understand this only has a 6A output which is fine its just for topping up a battery whilst im travelling. Would this do the job from the 12v 10A rated cig socket? Looking for an alternative to a second battery and a very costly DCDC 40A permanent setup.


Try this one: https://core-electronics.com.au/400w-dc-dc-converter-13-8v-at-10a.html

Actually, if you want to charge from your cigarette socket, you can probably just hook up some cables directly, as long as it’s limited to below 10A (the limit for cigarette lighters). Just make sure the battery is already fairly well charged and it should be fine as a float charger.

You’ll probably need a diode in-line to prevent it back powering when you go to crank your engine.