8 x 64 x 32 scrolling LED Matrix Display Power configuration

Hey Guys,

n00b here. New to all this stuff, so please forgive me. I have previous I.T/some basic electronic knowledge and can solder, that’s about it.

The dream:

8 x - 64 x 32 matrix displays chained together.

Parts I have:

8 x HUB75 64 x 32 LED Matrix Panels (https://core-electronics.com.au/64x32-rgb-led-matrix-panel-4mm-pitch.html)

Pi 3 Model B

Adafruit Matrix Bonnet (https://core-electronics.com.au/adafruit-rgb-matrix-bonnet-for-raspberry-pi.html)

5V 40 amp 200w PSU (Can send ebay link)

The Problem:

I don’t know the best way to wire this all up, using this hardware. I’d like the PSU to power the pi/adafruit matrix bonnet and all 8 x panels so there’s only one plug to plug into the wall, to power it all.

I’d like to connect it all properly, but don’t know the best way? Are there any example wiring diagrams?

Should I power the pi and the matrix bonnet with their own separate barrel jacks? I’m sure I read I have to power both independently?

Hoping a wiring legend can shed some light on the best way to connect this all and power it all?

Please see below for a terrible example of how to connect it? Again, I’ve got no idea.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tom,

Seems like you’re on the right track here, only thing I’ll mention is that 240V is deadly and you should get a qualified electrician to do any 240V wiring in your project.

As long as your wires and crimping are up to the enormous current required (around 8 or 6 AWG according to rule-of-thumb charts, you should be ok.

Keen for someone to pipe up with more to add, I’m sure I’ve missed something…

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Hey James,

Thanks for the reply. Yeah that’s the part I am worried about the most - the connection from the PSU → Wall. Prevention is better than the cure, I will get a qualified leccy to do it up.

Wires are only that length for example/display purposes. The 8 x LED matrix’s will be joined to form a long rectangle display (128mm x 2048mm~) wiring will be kept short as possible and neat as possible.


Things I have learnt during this project for future travelers:

  • The Adafruit matrix bonnet on a Pi 3 or Pi 4 fouls on the 4 x POE pins. This is because the Pi 3 and 4 were made after the bonnet. Users are reporting their pi will not boot/shorts if these pins touch the bonnet.

Solution = 2 x 20 “riser” or remove/cut the 4 x pins (Do this at your own risk.)

  • The max amperage the Adafruit Matrix Bonnet can handle is 35 Amp @ room temp.

See these links for more detail:

Bonnet Fouling Pi 3/4 Issue - Adafruit bonnet issue with raspberry pi-4 POE connector · Issue #1 · adafruit/Adafruit-RGB-Matrix-Bonnet-PCB · GitHub
Max amperage chart - Adafruit customer service forums • View topic - raspberry pi RGB matrix bonnet current/power

Hopefully this helps someone out there, in the future.


Hey Tom,

Thanks for following up on the post with your findings! I can definitely see someone doing a similar project in the future and needing the resources you found.