8Bit Pro - SF30 Pro - Setup


I just bought the 8bitdo SF30 Pro controllers and needed some guidance on how to set them up (for Rpi3). I was hoping they would be plug and play in regards to the USB connectivity - however, there is no response.

Furthermore, some guidance on how to configure them wirelessly would also be super helpful. So they stay connected all the time, even when turning the Pi on and off.

**Note: I use a Mac - just in case this is relevant for any of the steps I need to take, even with updating the firmware.


Hey Katerina,

The best way to connect them is via Bluetooth, and you can still use them via the Bluetooth connection even if they’re being charged via USB. I’ve put together some tutorials on RetroPie and 8Bitdo controllers, in particular, this one on connecting your controllers so that they connect as soon as you turn them on: