9g 270°Metal Servo with Analog Feedback (1.5kg) (SER0046)

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Here comes the new number of our Servo family—a 9g 270° Metal Servo with Analog Feedback. The servo has built-in metal gear that could be much more durable than … read more

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Hi. Pinout details or link to tech spec would be good. Thanks

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Hi Brett
Usual servo Bk - -ve, Rd/Or - +ve, Wh - control signal which leaves Bn as analog feedback. Common -ve (Bk).
Cheers Bob

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Hey Brett,

This one’s a Dfrobot product. Looks like Cores site just hasn’t pulled in the description properly.


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Thanks for letting us know Oliver,

I’ve got it on the list, please jump into the online chat if anyone needs to clarify specs urgently.


This servo looks like it has a thread inside the metal gear. Is it designed to take a bolt and if so, do you know what size? I’m hoping to attach a custom printed part using a bolt rather than having to use a servo horn.

Is coding the same for 270 degree position servos as 180 degree position servos. E.g. Can I just tell it to rotate to 250 degrees at a set speed. PS. That’s about all the Arduino coding skills I have at the moment. Thanks

Hi @Travis268332, welcome to the forums!

The coding should be entirely the same as you’d do with other servos through the regular Arduino servo library, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting these to work as desired.

And @Samuel215910 - apologies for the belated reply :sweat_smile: hopefully this is still valuable for somebody:

This is a metal gear servo so it accepts a machine screw (bolt). I couldn’t tell you the exact size, but the servo is supplied with 1x of the correct bolt. (the other two fasteners are mounting screws for the servo tabs)

If you are specifying the rotation in degrees, such as ‘250’, then you must be using a function of some sort to actually drive the servo, perhaps as part of a library. In that case there should be some initialization procedure where you indicate that your servo can do 270 degrees rather than the default 180 degrees.