9g 270°Metal Servo with Analog Feedback (1.5kg) (SER0046)

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Here comes the new number of our Servo family—a 9g 270° Metal Servo with Analog Feedback. The servo has built-in metal gear that could be much more durable than … read more

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Hi. Pinout details or link to tech spec would be good. Thanks

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Hi Brett
Usual servo Bk - -ve, Rd/Or - +ve, Wh - control signal which leaves Bn as analog feedback. Common -ve (Bk).
Cheers Bob

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Hey Brett,

This one’s a Dfrobot product. Looks like Cores site just hasn’t pulled in the description properly.


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Thanks for letting us know Oliver,

I’ve got it on the list, please jump into the online chat if anyone needs to clarify specs urgently.