A small pump to transfer water

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For the purpose of my research, I need a small size pump that can transfer water from one chamber to the other. These two chambers have a height difference of around 0.4 m. The volume transfer rate between 4-6 L/m should be ok. Please note I do not want a submersible pump because the pump is required to sit out of the chambers in a height between two chambers. Assume that for example, one chamber is at a height of 0 cm and the other one is at a height of 40 cm. The pump will seat on 20 cm of height out of the two chambers draining water out of one chamber (0 cm) and filling into the other chamber (40 cm).
Could you please tell me which option here is a suitable one?



Hey Mohsen,

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I don’t think Core would have anything that would suit this project unfortunately. A typical pump that sits outside of the water will require priming. (Practical Engineering has a great video here on how pumps work: The Fluid Effects That Kill Pumps - YouTube)

A fluid head of 600mm is no small feat especially if you are trying to keep a small form factor. If you didnt need so much flow rate I would have suggested a peristaltic pump.

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Why does the pump have to be above both chambers. If it was at the same level as the bottom of the lower chamber it would self prime.
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Most positive displacement pumps (peristaltic, piston, rotary, etc.) are self priming.

Else if you’re able to prime the line to the pump any pump should do. Some submersible pumps require submersion for cooling, while others just require a net positive suction head (NPSH) - so they can be outside the container, just as long as they are below the waterline.