Ac adapter mod for led strip supply

So I need to supply an rgb led matrix made of strips, and I have the standard Ac adapter ending in a plug.
About 10cm down is an enclosure, so I think the cable is coaxial, I need to get the bare wires but I’m not sure to cut before or after the enclosure. I can find out manually but it might cost me another supply, so thought I’d ask here.

Oh though I just realised, I should be able to get a few dc plug sockets and wire those to my led strips, then I can plug in the power supply as is.
I think that’s the way I’ll go, if anyone sees this and it sounds right a yay/nay would be nice :slight_smile:

Hey @Tallis161,

You’re absolutely right the best way to go about it would be to use something like thiswhich will allow you to connect power to your led strip though some wire of your choice.

Great, thanks Gordon :slight_smile:

You will find that the cable is normal stranded cable, not coaxial cable. The lump on the cable is usually a ferrite core, to reduce RF type interference.

You might also consider some of the following adapters. I have them up to 8 way, but doesn’t look like Core stock the the 8 way.

Oh OK, so would I use these to spread a supply across a few strips? (I have a 20 band, 30 pixel matrix)
Apparently 600 will use 36A total, and the suggestion of the 80% rule would mean I need 45A, so across 20 bands I thought I’d use a 5A every 3rd, giving me a little headroom at 40.
Should I then split off so every Band of 30 has a plug?
I think being spread across by every 3rd strip should be even enough?

Also it’s my first time even approaching that much current in a system, I plan on using it at Caloundra music festival next week. I’ll have everything secured to the stage, plugs gaffed so they can’t be yanked, I don’t think I’m missing anything but running 40A is a little scary, it’s one circuit and pretty sure enough to kill someone if it accidentally shorts somehow.

If you’re sure how many strips each of your power supplies will drive, then go with @Gordon’s suggestion, and wire the appropriate number of strips to each adapter terminal block.

If not, then wire each strip to a separate adapter, and use the splitters to connect a power supply to a few strips. A separate adapter per strip will also allow more LEDs to be added to each strip later on.

Either way, enjoy the festival, and you’ve had too many fires up there already this year so don’t burn anything down. :grinning:

Yeah I calculated so 3 strips, 30x 60ma x 3,uses a little over 5 A, so adding another after the third won’t be driving too much current through the first three strips. I think. I have a bit of the imposter thing going, I’m a muso not an electrician lol.
Edit… Did my math, having 40A supplied to 20 bars will be one on each end, and another 4 5A supplies between groups of 4.
2nd edit… Yeah lol not maths. 5x 6 is not 40… I did a sketch and it’s actually not obvious where to put the last two, I could change the middle and last to 10A (all pixel is 5A Max) and that will get me 40.
Pretty sure we have fire extinguishers, and my boss has far more experience with live venues, power supply and lighting (albeit pro dmx fixtures)
Though yeah I’m just assuming if every connection is solid, secured properly both through heatshrink then gaffer tape once it’s setup, it should be safe.
If there’s a big story about a terrible fire at CMF, you heard it here first. Would be a terrible start to my audio engineering career :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can’t be a proper engineer if you don’t start a couple fires.

Is that a suggestion for my explanation to my supervisor when said fire needs extinguishing before reaching the alcohol? My stage is behind the bar apparently 0.o

It’s more of a silver lining than an explanation.Your maths seems good so I don’t think you have to worry too much about fire. Maybe surprise pyrotechnics would be a better explanation.

Luckily the concern about too much current was fixed by the boss, there’s no possibility of that since I’m running everything off 15A including sound. Might get another 10A circuit.
So robin’s idea of splitting will be really useful, I can split my two 5A supplies to a quarter of the 20 bands, and I have a few usb power packs lying around to give me another 5A, which I can use with the usb to barrel jack cables you guys have, I loved that idea. Saved me having to make it myself :slight_smile:

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