Access usb webcam in android app on PI4 Android 11

I’m not finding answers on the web, wondering if someone here might point me in the right direction.

I’ve installed konstakang Android 11 on PI4 which recognises an attached usb webcam.

I’ve created an android app which uses a camera, but the app can’t see the usb camera on the OS when searching for camera devices. Any ideas? Would a PI camera module be recognised as part of the “Android” hardware?

Would appreciate your thoughts

Kind regards

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Hi Anthony,

Interesting question, I’m not sure whether it’d be recognized myself. I’m not too familiar with running Android on a Pi and how in that OS anything connected to the CSI ports on the board would be recognized as it’ll depend on how the kernel identifies externally connected hardware, and I couldn’t find too much information about it from a search online for you.

I’d suggest making a post about this on the Raspberry Pi Forums too if you haven’t done so already:

All the best with the project!

Thanks for your reply Bryce much appreciated.

I borrowed a friends camera module and it didn’t work in the android app either sadly.

Both usb and csi cameras work in the konstakang android 11 OS but not in a custom installed app.

I think I may have created a post on the Pi forums. I will follow it up.