RaspberryPi camera Module 3 not supported or detected

Dear Experts,
Need advice on Raspberry Pi camera module 3 not being supported or detected on Raspberry Pi 4 system, I have used both 64 bit and 32 bit Os and have tried reconnecting and trying multiple cameras on 2 different Rasberry Pi systems.
also tried giving slightly high voltage power supply.

I will mention all the hardware I used.
SOM CM4108016 - Pi Compute Module 4 Rev5
Waveshare Mini Base Board Type B
Raspberry Pi Camera V3
NOIR Raspberry Pi Camera V3
30cm OR 22cm Raspberry Pi Camera Ribbon Cable

your advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Hi @samalka268601 Welcome to the forums!!!

Camera use on the PI has undergone some changed recently there’s a really good post on the Pi Forums about it. This might help you get your camera working.

Would you be able to share the code or commands you’re trying to use to get the camera working.