Acrylic Case for LattePanda (FIT0474)

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This acrylic case is a nice and solid enclosure for LattePanda dev board. A case can protect the board while letting you see the status LEDs directly and providing accesss to things like USB, HDMI, SD card, GPIO cables. Assembling this case is quite simple and intuitive .We also provides a quick guide along with the product on how to assemble this nice case.

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Nice case, especially like the clear acrylic for the viewing of the led’s. The case is challenging to put together, but fun nevertheless. Do find it difficult to plug in Arduino wires through the small access hole, and also plugging in the 5v/gnd for the CPU fan i run. Would imaging the same issues of access would apply to the install of the screen and touch overlay.

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Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback. Most of these style of cases are designed to have jumpers already attached to the GPIOs and then break them out via the access holes. You could use a breakout cable to a breadboard, but they’re not the quickest for on-the-fly prototyping sometimes.

Assembling this case was easily the least amount of fun I’ve had all year… I never did work out how parts 7, 8, 10, and 11 could be put in place without falling out again! Seems to work ok without them. It does look good, and once it’s put together it does the job, but overall I am not a fan.

Sorry to hear it was a bit of a mountain Michael. Unfortunately, that’s a big downside of flat cut style cases.