7-inch 1024x600 IPS Display for LattePanda (FIT0477)

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Add exciting new dimensions to your project with this large full-color display. All you need to do is power your LattePanda board and you have a visual user interface for your project - no extra power cables required! The border of the display is insulated with black tape so that even without and enclosure there is no possibility of a short-circuit. The picture below shows LattePanda directly powering the 7" display.

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Will this display work on a RPI?

Hi all,
I have a large collection of Arduino, Raspberry Pi’s including the latest Pi 3B + and i never realised there where Windows based boards available being the LattePanda.
I am very happy with all of these and my new favourite the LattePanda running Windows 10.
I purchased the LattePanda and also the TFT Touch Screen and the Colour 7" screen.
I was wishing to try to find out if there is a housing available to mount the 7" screen and possibly the LattePanda board into also, like the Raspberry Pi 7" screen mount, which also houses the Pi and has a sister board also mounted internally.
I did see there is the Panda Pad etc but not sure about if it is a item that is available for purchase.
Looking forward toa reply.

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