LattePanda 10" Display FPC Cable

I would like to build an LP case with detachable/lid 10" Monitor. The default fpc ribbon for doesn’t like like it would handle much abuse.
I can’t find any specs for pin and pitch, so does any one know of, or can suggest a more durable ribbon ?
Or specs so I can match up or build my own?
Thanks Axle

Hi Axle,

The OEM Data sheet (including pinout) is available here:

You’re right, that ribbon cable is really only meant to be reconnected a few times - it’s intended for internal use.rather than external and continual removal.

Looks like Toshiba and TI make some MIPI -> Display Port/HDMI conversion chips, and I’m sure there’d be some cheap chinese clones available, but it seems to be a pretty hard thing to find.

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Thank you much, I appreciate the reply. I looked about and nothing generic came up easily. I’ll wait till the display arrives and pursue it then. I’ll post back what I end up with :slight_smile: