HDMI Driver board for 10.1 1200 x 1920 IPS Display for LattePanda

I recently looked at SKU: CE06729 “Waveshare 5inch LCD 800x480” as a viable project to create a front display panel for my Z840 workstation. Looks like a fast track way to jump off of one of my graphics cards via HDMI and display machine stats on the front panel of the machine as a fourth display kinda thing… bit of coding for custom stats GUI etc anyways…

I recently purchased a “10.1 1200 x 1920 IPS Display for LattePanda” SKU: FIT0515 and was looking for a more flexable/durable solution to connect the display to the LattePanda. I intend to make it all into a complete hackable project case, kinda like a laptop, but more like a “Brick” in a closable carry case :slight_smile:

Looking at the above 5 inch FPC from HDMI driver board I was wondering if you have or know of a driver board I can use on the back of the SKU: FIT0515 so that I can run a more durable HDMI or HDMI-Mini cable instead? Maybe something like “TFP401 HDMI/DVI Decoder to 40-Pin TTL Breakout - With Touch SKU: ADA2219”.

Any ideas on a HDMI converter driver board for the FPC would be accepted with great amounts of appreciation :smiley:

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Hi Axle,

That 10.1in Latte Panda display uses a MIPI-DSI interface. We don’t have an adapter but there’s a great write up here on hackaday on putting one together:

And here’s a datasheet for a chip from Analogue devices which you could implement in your own design:

While the ADA2219 is an awesome product (here’s the link to their guide) it does not provide the correct data feed to drive that display.

As for the case, I reckon 3D printing something would definitely be your best way to go. I haven’t done a lot of low level video/display stuff myself but it’s certainly going to be an interesting project.

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Thanks heaps for the links :slight_smile:
I will roll that around in my head for a little bit. I kinda have 2 options in mind at the moment…
Haven’t quite got to the LattePanda just yet as I am still reorganizing my computers so that I can have workstation dedicated to the electronics bench… + in the middle of building a custom HP Z840… Too many projects, not enough time lol

I will post up some projects as I get through them :slight_smile:


Hey Alex,

Sounds like a plan, the complete chaos of throwing many things together at the same time to a state that you’re happy with them can go on forever :joy: if you’d like, you can put your projects up on our site for a store credit reward if they’re processed. I’ve attached a link for you to set that up below. Have a great day!

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