Adafruit 7 segment display backpack - Python libary for Raspberry Pi

I am hoping someone can help me. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 and I want to use an Adaffruit backpack for displays. I have managed to install Blinka and it seems to work. I am trying to find a library for the backpack. I found on Github


but this is deprecated. There is a new version for Circuit Python but I can’t find a new version for Raspberry Pi.

Does anyone have experience with this please.

Hi @johnr. Welcome to the forum.

Is this the backpack you have?

No. It is the standalone backpack. I have them bought done 4 digit 1.2” keds

Could you provide us a link to the product you’re needing assistance with? :slight_smile:

It is the Ada1427

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Ah this guy.

I’m in the middle of some I2c stuff too.
Have a look at this tutorial that I found helpful.

Thanks. Have you ever used the Adafruit backpack?

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No, not this product specifically :slight_smile:

I have used i2c multiplexers before. :+1:
However this might not translate to your exact situation.
That’s why I wanted to offer you a guide rather than my own thoughts.

When the work week starts someone from CE staff might have more hands on experience with this exact model.

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I have done some work on this and now have the backpack and display connected to the Raspberry Pi and all working. I have attached some documentation which may be useful to others.


Adafruit Breakout and display.pdf (693.7 KB)


Hi @johnr,

Thanks for sharing the documentation!

Also glad to hear that your projects off the ground now.