HDMI 7 800x480 Display Backpack - Without Touch (ADA2406)

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Its a mini panel-mountable HDMI monitor! So small and simple, you can use this display with any computer that has HDMI output, and the shape makes it easy to attach … read more

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Would this be compatible with Raspi 1 Model B?

Hi @Husain47993,

This is certainly compatible with Model B+ onward. Adafruit have prepped a guide for the A+ and B+ which covers a fair amount of the older vintage hardware, including the newer RPiB 2 + RPiB 3 variants.

I assume you are asking about the original version “1” of Model B - Adafruit make no mention of that variant. Providing Adafruits config statements in /boot/config.txt don’t have conflict issues with that hardware then I don’t see why not.

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